Thursday, August 20, 2009

My boy!

I wanted to show you the newest picture of our boy. We will be there soon baby!

August happenings

We have been busy this month taking a trip to Rochester MN for a medical conference, participating in the county fair for 4-H and then camping with our family. In the pictures above Emma is showing our dog, Maddie, for obedience and her cat, Tiger, for show. Below are the kids with their cousins. Emma and Niah were wearing their new cowgirl boots they have been so excited to get.
On the adoption front, we are preparing for our trip to Ethiopia. I am past my nervousness of traveling half way around the world and am now getting down to business packing and preparing to meet my new son. I'm not quite sure how to do that last point, but I am praying that God prepares us all for the meeting. My butterflies remind me of how I felt the night before my wedding. I realize this will be a huge life changing event for us all. I am excited to get on with the show!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moving to Africa!

Borrowed this from another blog. Definitely worth looking at.

I want to share with you two families that are moving to Africa this month...the Kennedys and Michael, Jana and Ruthie.The Kennedys have four children under the age of five. Their youngest, Addis, was adopted from Ethiopia through our agency. They will be living in Malawi, home of more than one million orphans, for two months. Their mission is to help Esther's House, a new orphanage, get up and running. What an awesome experience!! A camera crew is filming their journey for a reality show set to air in 2010. They are raising money for Esther's House through donations and t-shirt sells. All profits of the t-shirts go the Esther's House. Their button is on the right side of this blog.

The other family is moving to Addis Ababa to work with Gladney adoptive families. They adopted their little girl, Ruthie, from Ethiopia earlier this year. I think working with adoptive families and children waiting for their forever families has to be the best jobs in the to being a mommy :o) You can follow their journey here: Pretty perfect blog name, don't you think?Will you join me in covering these two precious families in prayer? I am just so excited to follow their journeys. What faithful servants of God!