Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dinosaur Birthday and Dreams

We celebrated Jason's fifth birthday over the weekend. He had a dinosaur party. We played musical dinosaur stomp, pin the spots on the dino and other boy games. He really had a great time. His cousins Isabella and Max were visiting. We had bought a snow cone maker and the kids had a blast crushing ice for the yummy treat. Jason made a wish before he blew out his candles. Maybe his wish was,"Please let my brother come home soon!" Jason and our puppy Maddie have the same birthday. She turned one year old and showed off her good looks with a new pair of sunglasses!
I thought I was handling the wait list thing fine but I had the oddest dream last night. Our caseworker called and said she had to talk with us at 5:30am on Monday and would we be available. I asked my husband if he would be home. This is odd because we are usually sleeping and of course he's home. In my dream, he wouldn't answer me. He just stared and I kept asking if he would be there. I finally yelled, "BRAD!" Then I awoke to my husband shaking me saying, "What?" I guess I really yelled his name. I have never done that ever! I asked him what I sounded like and he told me I sounded very panicked. Maybe I am panicking that I will miss the call or that we won't be able to get together to see the pictures. Who knows but we are one month down and many more to go.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy tenth anniversary baby! Like many other woman say, I think I have hit the lottery winner in husbands too. God has blessed me beyond measure with this wonderful man for a husband. This morning I awoke to roses, coffee, muffins and a card in which he wrote the sweetest message. I am so looking forward to this next year together. I am sure it will bring many joys as we anticipate the arrival of our fourth child! I love you forever!

May Celebrations!

I went to Las Vegas with my Mom (on the right) and my best friend and her mom for Mother's day. It was nice to get away, relax and catch up with great people.

While in the airport on the way home, we got to watch part of the filming of a new movie called Up in the Air. We were excited when George Clooney came out. I got some great shots. A trip to remember!

When I came home from Vegas, we celebrated my daughter Emma's ninth birthday. She wanted to have a sleepover with a few friends and go to Ginza. The girls had a wonderful time and everyone tried new foods.
We have been on the wait list for three weeks and four days, but whose counting? I am so excited about all the court dates this week and all those who are traveling. Know that you are all on in our prayers!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Computer Crash

Last week the motherboard on my old computer died. I was at a complete loss without it! My brother said to me, "Oh, you are one of those one computer families". I guess I am out of the technological loop. I still don't own an ipod. Now I have a new computer with no programs on it. I need to get Microsoft and a picture program. Any recommendations for good software to organize photos? While the computer was down I see a lot of Gladney action has occurred. Congratulations to all who made the wait list, received referrals and passed court. Also in the last week, I traveled to Las Vegas with my mom and lost ten pounds while suffering from some odd virus. I'm happy to be home, have a computer working, and finally be healthy. Who would have thought the wait list time would be such a roller coaster already!