Monday, March 23, 2009

Blast Off!

We had home educators classes tonight. We began making rockets which we plan to launch this May. Here are a few photos of the project.

This past weekend we bought new bikes for the girls. We had only intended on buying Emma a new bike. She needed a bigger bike and was ready for gears. We had planned on letting Niah use Emma's old bike. Niah convinced her Daddy otherwise when she said, "Dad, flower and princess bikes are not my act!" Dad asked what kind of bike she wanted and she showed him a red, boys dirt bike. He thought this was so funny and she got her bike. I am just glad she will have brothers to hand it down to!

Speaking of that little brother, we received the second revised copy of our homestudy today! I'm hoping this will be the final copy. We hope we will be Gladney approved soon. We are praying for those families with court dates tomorrow. Some have been waiting so long and our hearts and prayers go out to you all!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Surgery Day

Here Jason is, with his crooked thumb, waiting for surgery. He was not scared at all and was a very brave boy.

Here is Jason with a perfectly straight thumb after surgery. He was a little groggy at first, but brightened up when he saw his Twizzlers. Thirty minutes later he was dressed, in the wheelchair, and waiting to be escorted to his car. Children are absolutely amazing when it comes to tolerance of medical procedures. When we got home he ate a whole sandwich and wanted to play at the park! We are praising the Lord today as his hand of protection was over our little boy. Niah is playing "God is so Good" on the piano. That about sums our day up!

Monday, March 9, 2009

That's a crooked thumbs up to snow!

My four year old loves to give us the thumbs up. I'm glad for this as I noticed that the thumb on his right hand seemed to be more bent than the one on his left hand. The first time I noticed it my husband, a physician assistant, was working urgent care and didn't get home until midnight. So, being a good mother, I forgot all about it. A few days later Jason was telling me he was going to be five and I noticed the bent thumb again. Duh! I ran to show Brad. He told me Jason had a trigger finger. Jason went to the orthopedic surgeon the next week and the Dr. said he has a cyst in there. So, he will have to have a little surgery to cut it out. Jason is actually very excited about the whole thing. We'll see how he feels when he wakes up with stitches.

The kids were pretty excited about the new snow over the weekend. In their hearts I can see they are anxious for spring too as they made a snow bunny instead of a snowman.

No word back on the revised home study. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gross Anatamy and Homestudy

We went to a children's museum over the weekend. The girls took turns climbing the rock wall. Niah made it all the way to the top! When she was finished she told me she was shaking up there. I would have been more than shaking. Jason loved the fire truck area. The new exhibit for the month was gross anatomy. The kids learned about burps, toots, snot, urine, and everything else-yucky. They had a blast.

We were excited to receive the rough draft of our homestudy last week. Hooray! Gladney has had it since Wednesday for review. Please pray that the review and revision goes quickly so we can move on to the waiting stage. Grandma and Grandpa sent us this picture of Niah trying out her new snowboard. This is from their visit last weekend. They have a great hill just across the street from their house. The kids always have a blast there.