Friday, October 9, 2009

Adonu's Dedication Day

Adonu is doing amazingly well as are the other children. It seems like he has always been here. We can't believe how much he is talking! He says, "Shut the door" and "I lub you." Super cute! He loves to be sung to and to dance. He is a ball of energy who gets into anything but toys! He was scared of the dogs for about a week but will play fetch with them and pet them now. He eats well, but doesn't like vegtables very much. We have decided to keep his given name with a small change in the spelling to aid in pronunciation. We just love the way he says his own name. It is very fitting.

Very excited for the upcoming court season and seeing more of the beautiful children of Ethiopia finding forever families! Praying for God's will in the lives of those older boys at Kolfe. Keep your hearts open!

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