Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Milestone Gone By

My six year old lost his very first tooth last night. The difference between his initial reaction and mine were like black and white. He was jumping up and down with excitement and I had tears in my eyes. To me a tiny tooth in his little grasp was another goodbye. Goodbye to that sweet little boy smile! Those big teeth, no matter how straight and pearly white, just look so grown up. I suppose that is why we call them grown-up teeth. My wise ten year old upon seeing my reaction said, "He is getting old, soon he will have gray hair and a bald spot!" It helps to be reminded that their are many firsts to be had yet! Here are a few other firsts that brought tears to my eyes:
1. First night in big boy crib
2. First giggle
3. First kiss
4. First step
5. First time saying mama and I love you
6. First day in Sunday School
7. Last day with his first Sunday School teacher
8. First time on a two wheel bike (I'm not sure why-just seemed big)
9. First Christmas performance at church (and each one since)
10. First time writing his own name
Admittedly I didn't cry when he slept through the night or went to big boy undies. Maybe tears of joy!

Adonu had a first a few days ago that made me cry for a whole different reason. His first filling. I cried because he cried. I cried because I felt GUILTY! It was so painful to watch him go through this. Before the procedure started, the dentist said, "I see kids from Ethiopia who are 16 with perfect teeth. It isn't until they come to the United States and start eating so much sugar that this happens." I think he was basically telling me that the cavity was all my fault. As if I didn't feel bad enought! He then started drilling on my baby who started to scream and had to be held down. I was feeling very low! So was Adonu!

Following this difficult visit to the dentist, I decided to take my kids to the zoo for the day. I even bought the kids a treat while there and tried hard not to feel GUILTY!

Personally, I think my boys have very beautiful smiles. What do dentist know anyway?

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  1. Beth
    You have a beautiful family. I was checking some pre adoption blogs today. I agree post adoption blogging is difficult. We have had our share of dentist visits with Tewodros, from cleaning to knocking out his front teeth. We had our final post adoption homestudy today, now we just need to finish readoption paperwork.