Thursday, December 16, 2010

Small World

It has been a long time since I have blogged. School began this fall and we have been so incredibly busy. Soon I will post pictures of our lives. For now, I have a story to share. For a long time now we have been praying for Ethiopia and for direction. I shared some time ago about Children's HopeChest and the possibility of sponsering a child in Ethiopia through them. I am sure many of my fellow bloggers already have a sponsor child. Anyway, life got busy and we put it on the backburner telling ourselves when our other house sells we will make a decision. Tuesday was Adonu's third birthday. We recently discovered our eight year old's name, Niah, is African when spelled Nyah. So we looked up the meaning of her name, on Tuesday, on an African name sight. It means purpose by the way. Cool. We decided to look for Adonu's name as well. Our search ended without any results. I decided to google his name. I clicked the first page that was in English. Amazingly it took me to the blog of a family who lives about an hour from us here in Wisconsin. This family is helping Children's HopeChest find sponsers for Kechene Orphanage. The very same place we visited in Ethiopia! One of the sponsor children posted on their sight had the name Adonu (Spelled Adanu). I couldn't believe it. Even more amazing, we closed on our house this morning. What are the chances of this all happening-Adonu's birthday, same name, house selling, local family, same orphanga? Not likely...All things are possible with God! I am so excited about how God has shown us which direction to go! I immedietly contacted the family. They recently traveled to Ethiopia in November and have 55 new kids that need sponsors. They will be posting information about the children very soon. I am so excited to see what child will become our next Ethiopian angel! The family asked me to share with all my friends that they have new children who really need sponsors. So, if you are interested their blog is There button is to the right. Another amazing family doing amazing things!

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