Monday, March 23, 2009

Blast Off!

We had home educators classes tonight. We began making rockets which we plan to launch this May. Here are a few photos of the project.

This past weekend we bought new bikes for the girls. We had only intended on buying Emma a new bike. She needed a bigger bike and was ready for gears. We had planned on letting Niah use Emma's old bike. Niah convinced her Daddy otherwise when she said, "Dad, flower and princess bikes are not my act!" Dad asked what kind of bike she wanted and she showed him a red, boys dirt bike. He thought this was so funny and she got her bike. I am just glad she will have brothers to hand it down to!

Speaking of that little brother, we received the second revised copy of our homestudy today! I'm hoping this will be the final copy. We hope we will be Gladney approved soon. We are praying for those families with court dates tomorrow. Some have been waiting so long and our hearts and prayers go out to you all!

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