Monday, March 2, 2009

Gross Anatamy and Homestudy

We went to a children's museum over the weekend. The girls took turns climbing the rock wall. Niah made it all the way to the top! When she was finished she told me she was shaking up there. I would have been more than shaking. Jason loved the fire truck area. The new exhibit for the month was gross anatomy. The kids learned about burps, toots, snot, urine, and everything else-yucky. They had a blast.

We were excited to receive the rough draft of our homestudy last week. Hooray! Gladney has had it since Wednesday for review. Please pray that the review and revision goes quickly so we can move on to the waiting stage. Grandma and Grandpa sent us this picture of Niah trying out her new snowboard. This is from their visit last weekend. They have a great hill just across the street from their house. The kids always have a blast there.

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