Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had heard stories of children in Africa who were killed because their teeth came in out of the normal order. I think I was hoping this was just one of those crazy rumors going around. Then I found this video on another blog. I really am at a loss for words and the sadness in my heart is huge. The Bible speaks clearly of the evil in the world. When it is put right in front of my eyes I am left with a great desire to teach these people about the one true God. Imagine all the innocent children who have been needlessly killed because of false religious beliefs. I am humbled that Christ is using my family to save the life of at least one child and am praying about how else he can use me. I know that adoption doesn't work for everyone, but there are so many ways to help children all over the world. I would like to challenge all my friends and family to pray about how God might use you.

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