Monday, July 27, 2009

Round Two!

Just got the call with a new court date for this Friday, July 31. I'm excited to see other families have also been moved to that day! I love seeing God answer prayer. My brother preached last night about how to have a more effective prayer life. I am amazed at the timing of this message and am now dedicated to getting more serious about my prayer life! God is mighty and good things will happen this week!

Brad and his brother competed in their triathlon Saturday. Brad finished 51 out of 358 with a time of 1:22:22. Brian finished 69 out of 358 with a time of 1:25:59. Nice job guys. Here is the cheer I heard from the kids: Swim, bike, and run, Daddy's number one! Grandpa bud, age 92, came for the event. It was his first triathlon experienced and he loved it! Maybe he will compete next year!

After the triathlon, we participated in a local parade with our 4-H club. A fun filled weekend.


  1. So glad to hear of new dates! Praying everyone flys through the first time. :)

  2. Yes! So now let's get a SUCCESSFUL court date so you can bring your little guy HOME.

    Take care!

  3. Congratulations! We share your new court date! I continue to pray for all of us!

  4. YIPEE!! Wonderful news!! I am praying for good news Friday!