Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Care Package

I wanted to show all my blogging friends this blanket I'm sending to "A". A friend of mine made it. She has a website business called sew adorable. The blanket has "A's" name in the corner folded down. The brown material has textured little bumps for him to feel and the edging is silk. If you want you can have a verse, saying, message put around the edging. I have ordered larger blankets for friends who have had babies with all their birth information and a verse. I just love them. I think this little one will be a perfect lovey for him to have while we are waiting.


  1. (Do you guys speak Chinese??) Anyway, I LOVE that blanket!! I will check out the website! I bought one at Target with a monkey on it for when we go, but I might return it and get one of these!

  2. We don't speek Chinese! I don't know what that is about. Can anyone interpret?

  3. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers-I love the lovies-going to look at the website, now!

  4. I would be happy to see if I have any pictures. I was there in March. If you want to email me a picture I would be happy to check. I have all these pictures of precious little faces and am just waiting to see who their families are. We are on vacation right now, but I can email you any that I might have on Thursday when we get home.