Monday, June 1, 2009

Neighborhood Project

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we spent the whole day working on a neighbors house. The people who own this house are elderly and the husband lost both his arms four years ago. Their house was in need of some clean up, repair and paint. One of our neighbors is the pastor of a local Baptist church. He organized some workers from church and us neighbors. We spend one Saturday cleaning brush and then this past Saturday scraping and priming. I was so proud of my kids as they hung in their all day helping with the priming. Jason took a mid afternoon rest on a blanket and we all stopped for a lunch which other neighborhood women organized. It was a fun neighborhood project with a valuable lesson for my children. Projects such as these always seem to grow though. We had to run for more primer halfway through. We had intended to prime and paint on one day, but only finished the priming. This just means we get to spend another fun day painting in two weeks!

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